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Calzona Solar is a family-owned and operated business that has been serving Arizona for over ten years. They specialize in solar electric and solar pool heating installations. With a commitment to providing the best customer experience, Calzona Solar takes pride in their work and offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee to their customers. In this blog post, we'll discuss why Calzona Solar is the best choice for your solar installation needs.

Installing a solar electric system can greatly reduce electric bills and save homeowners thousands of dollars over time. Furthermore, solar energy is a clean and renewable resource that helps reduce our carbon footprint and promote sustainable living. The Solar Energy Industries Association reports that the installation of solar panels has increased by over 10,000% over the last ten years, making it a highly popular and cost-effective solution for energy needs. Solar energy is also a reliable source of energy. Unlike fossil fuels that are subject to price volatility and supply chain disruptions, solar energy can provide homeowners with a stable and predictable source of energy. Additionally, solar panels require little to no maintenance and can be expected to last for decades with proper care and upkeep.

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