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The world is facing an energy crisis, and the switch to alternative energy sources is now more important than ever. Enter CTES, a privately owned business providing turn-key energy solutions to homeowners and businesses in San Diego County since 2007. With roots dating back to 1984, CTES has been committed to providing sensible and efficient alternative energy solutions. This blog post will provide an overview of CTES's solar solutions, including turn-key services, solar panels, solar energy storage, and routine maintenance. One of the things that set CTES apart from other companies is their in-house team of experts who handle every step, from consultation to installation and maintenance. CTES's turn-key energy solutions are customized to each client's needs and parameters, providing practical and efficient renewable energy solutions. CTES is dedicated to delivering reliable and efficient alternative energy solutions, regardless of project size.

When it comes to solar panels, CTES offers a variety of options such as monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film to provide suitable solutions to each client. These panels convert sunlight into clean and efficient electricity, making it an eco-friendly option while saving huge amounts of money on electricity bills. Solar panels can have different benefits, such as reducing carbon emissions and providing cost savings by generating power to cover a portion or in some cases all of a home's energy needs. To maximize the benefits of solar panels, CTES also offers solar energy storage solutions like battery systems, flywheels, and pumped hydroelectric storage. Energy storage allows the excess electricity generated by the solar panels to be stored to use when there is less sunlight or during grid outages, ensuring a reliable power supply. This means a homeowner or business can have power stored up in batteries during the day, which they can use later in the night when the sun is no longer shining or during a grid outage.

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