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Renewable energy is a vital part of our society's sustainable future. For more than two decades, Energy Plus Solar has been providing turnkey solar solutions to residential and commercial clients. In this blog post, we will delve deeper into the benefits of solar energy and how Energy Plus Solar can help you make the switch. Why is renewable energy so important? As the world's population continues to increase, so does our demand for energy. However, the traditional methods of generating electricity, such as burning fossil fuels, come with significant consequences for our environment. Renewable energy, like solar, offers a clean and sustainable way to meet our energy needs. At Energy Plus Solar, we offer comprehensive solar consulting services, including design, engineering, and installation, for both residential and commercial projects. We use the best solar panel technology on the market, SunPower technology, which has high conversion rates and durability. SunPower panels are the best for long-term performance and reliability, ensuring that your solar panel installation will last decades.

If you are a homeowner looking to invest in solar energy, Energy Plus Solar has you covered. With our in-depth analysis of your home's energy needs, we can design a solar panel installation that is customized to meet your unique energy requirements.  By using solar panels, homeowners can significantly reduce their energy bills, in some cases by up to 100%. The solar panel installation process for residential projects typically takes between one and two days, with minimal disruption to your home. Energy Plus Solar offers financing options, including purchase, lease, and power purchase agreements (PPAs), to make the switch to solar energy more accessible. The anticipated savings and return on investment for homeowners are significant, making solar energy an excellent investment for your home and the environment.

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