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Are you tired of fluctuating energy bills and the constant strain on the environment caused by fossil fuels? If so, GC Electric Solar is here to provide a sustainable and long-lasting solution. As a locally-owned solar and electrical energy solutions provider in Southern California, we pride ourselves on delivering custom designs and installations in-house, with no subcontracting to third parties. Let us take you through our range of services that can help you become energy independent and save on costs.  Our residential solar systems deliver ultimate energy efficiency to homeowners. Our professionally trained technicians perform end-to-end solar design and installation service, ensuring a 25-year manufacturer backed warranty from us. Not only will our solar systems provide a sustainable source of electricity, but they will also decrease carbon footprint and increase your property value.

We understand that commercial properties require a broader spectrum of energy products, which is why we provide businesses with options for roof-mount, ground-mount, and parking structure solar panels that come with backup power supplies. We also educate businesses on government rebates that cover up to 60% of solar system costs. With our commercial solar solutions, businesses can save up to 30% on energy costs monthly, not to mention the benefits to the environment.

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