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Renewable energy is becoming increasingly critical in addressing social and environmental issues. Many communities, especially those who are low-income, struggle to access and afford traditional energy sources. Enter GRID, a non-profit organization working diligently to bring renewable energy to underserved communities across the United States and internationally. In this blog post, we will explore how GRID is accomplishing its mission and the benefits of renewable energy in these communities. GRID has completed renewable energy projects in more than 325 communities, providing solar installations, energy efficiency upgrades, and job training. These projects have saved households and businesses over $500 million in energy costs and prevented the emission of over 700,000 tons of greenhouse gases. GRID focuses on working with low-income communities, providing them with free solar installations, and training for community members. Their impact in underserved areas has been substantial. Examples of their success include helping to rebuild communities in Puerto Rico following natural disasters by installing solar panels on community centers and senior centers, establishing solar installations at schools across California, and bringing power to remote areas in tribal communities in Arizona.

GRID partners with a variety of organizations to advance its mission of affordable housing, workforce development, and clean transportation. GRID has partnered with organizations such as Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), The Home Depot Foundation, and Wells Fargo. Their collaborations have led to successful, innovative programs. The SolarCorps Fellowship is a two-year fellowship program that provides job training and increases diversity in the clean energy sector. The program has trained more than 500 individuals who are now working in clean energy across the United States.

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