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In recent years, we have witnessed an increased awareness towards the need for clean energy and a shift from fossil fuels to alternative energy sources. One such source that has gained tremendous popularity is solar energy. It is an infinitely renewable energy source, and coupled with the right solar panels, it can drastically reduce energy bills and help in reducing carbon footprint. Hyperion Solar Energy, in partnership with SunPower®, brings you the most advanced solar panel solution in the market. SunPower® panels are the most efficient solar panels available today and come with a true 25-year warranty on all system components. This warranty ensures peace of mind for the customer, knowing that they are investing in a highly reliable and long-lasting solution. Hyperion Solar Energy provides end-to-end solutions, working directly with SunPower® to create a customized system that caters to your unique energy needs. This partnership involves a direct relationship with SunPower® throughout the lifetime of the system, resulting in a prompt resolution of issues, if any, through the in-house customer service team. The panels offer higher energy production over time compared to conventional panels and are manufactured with leading technology and closed-loop sustainability practices.

SunPower® panels boast world-record efficiency rates, making them an ideal solution for generating optimal power from available sunlight. The unique design of these panels enables greater power generation within the same roof space, thus providing more value for money in the long run. In addition, customers who choose SunPower® panels can benefit from the longevity and durability of the product. The panels have been tested for extreme weather conditions and are designed to last for up to 40 years.

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