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  • Manuel R.

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    Posted on: Thursday , 09 Feb 2023
    Fast meeting set up, Solcius Solar came out. My Smart House arranged it all. They also got me 0% for 5 years to pay for Solar Panels. I recommend them. They were great!! Everything was handled by them. It was an easy, painless, and great install. I have been saving money since it was installed. Thank you my smart house!!

  • Jacob L.

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    Posted on: Wednesday , 08 Feb 2023
    Really good communication with the team and relatively timely install and permitting period before it was all up and operational. The system has been working flawlessly since activation. Had a minor issue with the new electric panel that was installed where the house was exposed and it wasn't sealed up properly. In the end they made it right and it looks nice again!

  • Judy C.

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    Posted on: Wednesday , 08 Feb 2023
    Great service professional especially Erica the coordinators Jose Landa the sales person

  • Dennis R.

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    Posted on: Wednesday , 08 Feb 2023
    Awesome Company this company is awesome. I would highly recommend them to anyone in my neighborhood. The service is an excellent the workers that showed up at my house were unbelievably polite and kind. They cleaned up their masses. I'm so so happy that everything went so well with this wonderful, fabulous fantastic company.

  • Grace Z.

    Posted on: Friday , 09 Dec 2022
    Fast meeting set up, Solcius Solar came out. My Smart House arranged it all. They also got me 0% for 5 years to pay for Solar Panels. I recommend them. I am taking my time to write this yelp review to protect the consumers. I don't want anyone have to go through with I am going through. It's so WRONG in all measures The owner of the company Carl called & offered a promising progress. I was excited that my solar panel will be finally connected to Edison. I waited! Waited! Waited! Waited! for NOTHING. He didn't call us nor coordinate any update. Brenna who is manager stated " I can't help you". MONTY responded to this yelp review but didn't do anything either.

  • Matt L.

    Posted on: Friday , 09 Dec 2022
    This has got to be one of the most rinky-dinky, disorganized companies I have ever dealt with. They don't return phone calls, they don't explain technology, and they don't deliver. I have been trying to get settlement with one of their "incentives" that was promised with the purchase of my solar system, which for me is an EV charger, and have gotten nowhere except ignored, pushed out, blown off, and promised delivery dates that keep getting missed.

  • Gina A.

    Posted on: Thursday , 01 Dec 2022
    Let me start off by saying Doug my sales man was great from start to finish we were able to call him for any questions we had. My husband called Doug the other day 8 months later he still answered the call. Installing solar is a process but it's worth it. Im on month 8 and Edison says I have a credit coming so far it's a big one so let's see this credit on month 12. Itook a minute for all my incentives but I have gotten all incentives as promised. It is a little hard to Get a hold of the office but someone will call back. I only had to call with questions regarding my incentives other than that every thing running smooth. One of my incentives was bird netting when the installer for the bird netting came over to start the job he said if I still had issues with the birds to let him know and he would come back out to check it out. I just let the process happen I also received a weekly phone call from the office to keep me updated

  • Daryl L.

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    Posted on: Wednesday , 30 Nov 2022
    I did my homework and listened to several Sales Pitches, but I was left questioning the integrity of other Solar Companies business ethics.

  • Tamala R.

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    Posted on: Monday , 28 Nov 2022
    We had our second set of solar panels installed through my smart house and with Solcius. Since our installation we had our strong wind episode, and some of the panels seem to have come loose. Jade from my Smart house has been with me every step of the way making emails and phone calls to get a technician out there to take a look at the problem. Most companies will just do a job and not return calls or not return emails, but my smart house has been very helpful with this repair process.

  • Omar H.

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    Posted on: Monday , 21 Nov 2022
    First time owning solar and I have to say that the whole process was easy. Installation was done in just a few hours. They took care of all the paper work with the city and county. Everything was done sooner than expected. They help you understand using solar and the staff are very friendly and polite and are there to answer all questions.

  • Megan P.

    Posted on: Thursday , 17 Nov 2022
    I can't say enough about the customer service and how much money I have saved with Solar. At first I was a little thrown off but so glad we did it it is so worth it

  • Jude S.

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    Posted on: Tuesday , 01 Nov 2022
    Fast meeting set up, Solcius Solar came out. My Smart House arranged it all. They also got me 0% for 5 years to pay for Solar Panels. I recommend them.

  • Jillian P.

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    Posted on: Tuesday , 11 Oct 2022
    Happy with the service we receive. Everyone is always friendly and pretty quick to respond. Check in on us often which is nice. No problems with our solar so far!

  • Melissa T.

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    Posted on: Monday , 10 Oct 2022
    I was pleased with My Smart House from the beginning. Overall communication has been great and any hiccups were addressed immediately, pleasantly and well. They also have been wonderful about following up to ensure everything is great. I've noticed my electric bill creeping up a bit and they are immediately assessing the system to be sure there are no issues.

  • Kathleen A.

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    Posted on: Wednesday , 05 Oct 2022
    We are extremely pleased with our solar system that we purchased from My Smart House. Every person we interacted with was friendly, prompt, and very professional from beginning to end. This was not our first time dealing with a solar company. We leased solar panels from another local company. However, it was a much better experience this time around. My Smart House showed up when they said they would show up. We were given everything we were promised. The entire process took a fraction of the time from planning to installation. My husband and I were shocked what an amazing difference it was to work with a reputable company. We highly recommend My Smart House to family and friends and to anyone who asks us about solar. You will be in goods hands with My Smart House not to mention all the money you'll save in energy costs all the while helping the environment.

  • Dawn C.

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    Posted on: Saturday , 01 Oct 2022
    The money/price is good. That's the reason I chose my smart house. My solar works great. No problem there. However the salesmen are aggressive and will make lots of promises and incentive offers to get you to sign up until you actually have your solar installed. After that I had to make numerous calls and keep on them to get the incentives I was promised by the salesman. Once I spoke to a specific manager who looked into my claims I was given the incentives right away. It's too bad I had to go through all of that. Other than that I'm satisfied so far with my service and equipment.

  • Junior M.

    Posted on: Thursday , 01 Sep 2022
    If I could give them star I would this company is nothing but lies everything that comes out of there mouth is a lie when they want u to give them an Opportunity they call you and bug you everyday and right know that I need some questions and concerns answered no one is around to answer my question and even call me I'm still waiting

  • Stacy M.

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    Posted on: Monday , 01 Aug 2022
    I love this company! Their follow up is extremely thorough. Installation was quick, and it's a kind of install and forget it. We've had our solar panels for over a year, and just recently had an electric bill of less than $10. Part of the reason we decided on solar was we live in Riverside Co (So Cal) and it hot and sunny A LOT. We quickly learned that most of our neighbors have solar panels because running the A/C is just smart. The rep who came to our house to chat about their product was helpful, easy to talk to

  • Scott D.

    Posted on: Thursday , 28 Jul 2022
    I was introduced to this company through a friend and I am really happy he did. They had a representative come out, asses my electric usage, talk about my options and payment plans, and come up with a good course of action for my house. They even installed a whole house fan as part of a promotion, no charge. After it was all said and done, they referred me to a refinance company. I was able to lower my rate, PAY OFF THE SOLAR, and had a LOWER MORTGAGE than when I started. My electric bill went from $350.00/MONTH during summer months to $350.00 a YEAR. They were communicative through the whole process and very upfront.

  • Chan S.

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    Posted on: Tuesday , 31 May 2022
    Do NOT give your number to these guys. I've told them the past YEAR, that's right the PAST 12 MONTHS I'm not interested in solar anymore yet they continue to call me over and over and over even though I've requested to be on the do not call list.

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