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  • Ed S.

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    Posted on: Friday , 21 Jan 2022
    Working with Peak Power was a very positive experience from beginning to end; from the initial quote to final installation. I highly recommend working with these professionals.

  • Nate C.

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    Posted on: Wednesday , 12 Jan 2022
    After pricing and interviewing several solar companies which came highly recommended from neighbors, we selected Peak Power for our January, 2021 installation. While the total cost and price/kW were relatively close for the competing firms, ultimately Peak Power did a better job explaining the solution, technology, options and implications more thoroughly and clearly. The difference was we weren't interfacing with a semi-knowledgable salesperson; we were dealing with an electrical engineer-led resource and it showed.

  • Darrell Z.

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    Posted on: Monday , 10 Jan 2022
    We enjoyed working with every member of the Peak Power team, from sales to customer service to installation and start up. Everything was smooth sailing through the entire process and would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a solar power installation.

  • Albert E.

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    Posted on: Wednesday , 25 Aug 2021
    I shopped before buying solar for my house. Mike Ferketic came our home and I knew I found a great company. I am older and I remember what good service is. He far surpassed my expectations. The entire job was completed ahead of schedule and all the people who came to my house treated my home with respect and care. I cannot give higher praise to Mike Ferketic and the entire Peak Power Solutions crew. The price was good and the materials used were top notch. I would give more than 5 stars if I could.

  • Tom G.

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    Posted on: Saturday , 24 Jul 2021
    Matt Stoutenburg at Peak Power was great to work with. The Peak Power team was extremely professional and efficient. I highly recommend them to anybody considering solar on their house.

  • David O.

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    Posted on: Tuesday , 20 Apr 2021
    Mike and Matt are great guys! I engaged with Peak Power shortly after the pandemic started last year to get a quote for a full solar system on a new construction home in Irvine. I really respected the fact that Matt took his time to answer all of my questions and explained the whole system setup and installation process with me. My system was installed and turned on within the time frame agreed upon and they took care of all the HOA, City, and SCE submissions and communications. They truly are a full service agency.

  • Michael A.

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    Posted on: Wednesday , 19 Aug 2020
    I would like to say we are very pleased with Peak Power they came out and installed 30 solar panels on our house what I liked most was we were able to purchase the panels and not lease them like other companies make you do got a nice tax refund from the state to help pay off the panels the installation was fast and Shahin made us feel very confident that the installation was being done professionally and that they made sure to replace any roof tiles that were broken accidentally during the installation after we were explained everything and answered all of our questions and concerns if we ever move we would definitely purchase from Peak Power again

  • Benny S.

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    Posted on: Tuesday , 28 Jul 2020
    Peak Power one of the last honest solar company out there. They know what you need and the work is done professionally and with a sense of urgency! Turn Key operation, very impressive! Peak Power when you need Solar..for sure!!

  • Sean J.

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    Posted on: Thursday , 02 Apr 2020
    We have had our solar system for a few years now without issues or complaints. These guys did a good job installing the system and designing it to look the best on our roof. Recently our modem that reports our energy created so that we received a monthly report and online access of our energy generation versus use stop transmitting. I called for assistance and Jay return the call spent a fair amount of time with me helping me to get it back online reporting information back to them. I can't say enough about J patience and knowledge on the system I couldn't have done it without him!

  • Bill m.

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    Posted on: Friday , 28 Feb 2020
    A friend referred us to Peak power solutions. A salesperson came to our house to discuss the benefits of solar energy and how we would recoup our investment in 7 yrs. They handled all of the paperwork/permits. The crew showed up on time, were professional, and kept the area clean. I would recommend Peak Power Solutions to anyone.

  • Doug B.

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    Posted on: Friday , 14 Feb 2020
    Peak Power recently installed solar panels on our industrial building's roof and did an exceptional job. They stayed on schedule, updated us of the status throughout the project, and were very professional yet friendly. I did my research and sought quotes from various installers and found that I trusted Peak Power the most because of the expertise that I saw in their owner, Matt who is a certified technician, incredibly knowledgeable, and most importantly was transparent and honest from the day I met him. Yes they are not a huge company like LA Solar and the other solar installer companies, but you can be assured that you will get the best deal and recommended installation from Peak Power.

  • Jeff G.

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    Posted on: Saturday , 08 Feb 2020
    The team at Peak Power has exceeded my expectations every step of the way. From a non-pushy sales experience, to follow up when i was still comparing, through the install, and now a year later. Everyone on this team has been amazing! Often times solar becomes "used car salesman" ish, but nothing like that with this team. I continue to refer my family and friends who have all had similar experiences. Keep up the great work guys!

  • Chris C.

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    Posted on: Monday , 18 Nov 2019
    After 4 months, (July/Aug/Sept/Oct/Nov) consisting of 2 sets of phone calls, including a conference call with everyone, and 3 sets of multiple texts and screen shots/pictures, I expected more. It wasn't until I made a stink and texted xx on why my case had been dropped, did I hear back from anyone. Don't say I didn't contact you guys numerous times. It has finally been taken care of, but ....a stink had to made after so many contacted communications went by the wayside.

  • Deron R.

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    Posted on: Monday , 21 Oct 2019
    It has been a year since Peak Power installed our solar panels/system. I waited a year to write this review so I could give a full and accurate review of the system and savings. The company is professional, courteous and very service oriented. Starting with the proposal and design with Mike, he was upfront with all the costs, the layout of the system and what is covered. The 30% tax credit was a huge factor in running he numbers and payback period.

  • Derrik F.

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    Posted on: Thursday , 03 Oct 2019
    Matt (owner) and his team at Peak Power Solutions are as good as it gets. I don't write many reviews as you can see, but I wanted to make it a point to let everyone know this company has my full confidence and gratitude.

  • Jeff F.

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    Posted on: Friday , 27 Sep 2019
    After doing a couple months of homework on the ins and outside of solar, I sat down with Mike from Peak Power, and from there, the decision was easy. Mike answered all of my questions, cleared up some confusion and worked out a lan that fit for my family, my home, and my budget. There was no pressure and no BS, which I had detected with several others in the solar game. I had spoken to 5 other companies, and actually threw one guy out of my house. This was such a pleasant change to talk with Mike.

  • Susan M.

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    Posted on: Tuesday , 10 Sep 2019
    My plan was to get three quotes for solar prior to making a decision to install. I found myself a bit confused on the benefits of purchasing versus leasing, and determining how many panels I actually needed. A neighbor had referred Peak Power. Matt was super honest and helped us understand the pros and cons, and what made the most economic sense for us. He did exactly what he said he would do and we have been very happy with our solar.

  • Eric L.

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    Posted on: Wednesday , 31 Oct 2018
    Matt and his team at Peak Power were fantastic and I am so glad they were referred to me. There were professional, timely, educational and were a perfect partner on this project. If you are looking at doing solar I would call Peak Power. Any yes, you should be looking at solar. It took me months and months to decide and I am so glad I finally pulled the trigger. Only regret is I did not do it a long time ago (as Matt told me I would feel).

  • Andy N.

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    Posted on: Thursday , 13 Sep 2018
    The experience with peak Power Solutions was great. Company has excellent staff working there. I had the best experience with this company and highly recommend them for your solar power needs. The complete installation was perfect, no issues with any part of install or inspections. All the work is done in house no subcontractors which means a lot to me. Once again thank you peak Power Solutions.

  • Brian P.

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    Posted on: Friday , 06 Apr 2018
    One of the best contractors that I have dealt with. Peak did everything they said they would do. They communicate well. The best part is no high pressure sales like other solar companies. One of the best investments I have made. I would recommend this company to anyone I know.

  • Val A.

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    Posted on: Thursday , 29 Mar 2018
    Peak Power did an outstanding job installing our solar panels. The crew was always on time, the installation went as expected, and there were no hidden surprises. A big plus about Peak Power is that their team is knowledgeable about all phases of solar installation including electrical, permitting, finance, and design. I highly recommend them for your solar needs.

  • Brian H.

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    Posted on: Sunday , 04 Feb 2018
    After we moved to the North Tustin area, we meet a neighbor in the vicinity who proudly shared with us his recently installed solar power system. We have never had solar power installed in any of our previous homes and thought we should at least check into it. We contacted Peak Power and after learning of the many benefits and advantages to their solar power solution, we had Peak Power install their solar power panels and system at our new home.

  • Christina D.

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    Posted on: Tuesday , 16 Jan 2018
    Excellent company! Very professional and knowledgeable. We got 3 bids before making a decision and the decision was an easy one. After meeting with Matt we felt very informed and confident about our decision.

  • Chanell M.

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    Posted on: Thursday , 22 Sep 2016
    We are completely satisfied with Peak Power Solutions. Matt was great at explaining how many panels we would need, the cost verses electrical, and showing us why Solar makes so much sense. From start to finish the service was professional and quick. If you are thinking about getting Solar make them your first call. You won't be disappointed.

  • toni B.

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    Posted on: Saturday , 07 May 2016
    We wanted to get solar from the moment we purchased this house. But years later we still hadn't found a good option that made sense. We had multiple quotes from different companies but the numbers didn't add up. My friend recommended Peak Power. All of our options were explained clearly in plain language. No smoke & mirrors with the numbers.

  • Shannon C.

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    Posted on: Thursday , 07 May 2015
    I first would like to start out by giving Peak Power Solutions a five star. This is my first time I have written a review on yelp. The process was smooth from start to finish. Of course, we did our research first and got two other quotes before making our decision. We purchased the solar panels instead of leasing them. This way we will receive the tax credit.

  • Claudia A.

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    Posted on: Friday , 20 Feb 2015
    I support green and renewable energy. In my line of work I deal with commercial accounts and many homeowners. I am always happy to refer business to Ramsey Aguinaga and Peak Power. They are professional and honest. Each of my referrals has been delighted with the presentation and service they received. They have all especially been pleased with the fair price and quality of products.

  • Cameron S.

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    Posted on: Friday , 09 Jan 2015
    I asked Jason to reach out to my parents who had already scheduled solar panel installations in the coming months as a review and possible second option. I am glad I did! Not only did Jason take the time to explain their current purchase but after hearing of their current bill, he advised not to purchase solar panels period. In the long run there was no real need to have any panels installed. Jason works with a high level of integrity, always giving his honest opinion. My parents were very happy they had a second opinion and appreciate everything Jason did for them.

  • Michelle W.

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    Posted on: Thursday , 08 Jan 2015
    We hired Jason and Peak Power, he showed us the different options ...renting the panels vs. owning the panels...we decided to own our panels...he worked with our roofing company, a totally new roof, new venting system, state of the art solar panels, the process was 6 weeks total , from signing the paper, to SDGE here to inspect and turn on!!

  • D. W.

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    Posted on: Wednesday , 11 Sep 2013
    Just had my system installed a few days ago. I am so pleased with how professional and efficient the whole experience was. From the initial proposal to the construction phase, everything went very smoothly. The system is performing as promised. I couldn't be happier!

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