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  • Kristina R.

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    Posted on: Wednesday , 09 Nov 2022
    Very friendly and kept me informed through the process. The crew was great and knowledgeable very satisfied.

  • Bruce R.

    Posted on: Friday , 28 Oct 2022
    Solcius has been a nightmare. I signed paperwork to install 16 panels on my roof 3 months ago. The panels were installed over a month ago and the system is still not connected to the electric panel, and in fact the equipment is not compliant with Building Code and SCE will not hook it up until the equipment is moved 7" closer to the electric panel.

  • Tamala R.

    Posted on: Friday , 28 Oct 2022
    So nine days ago I left a review stating that Solcius associates have not communicated or come out to fix our panels. A representative said that we would be contacted within 24 hours. It has been nine days. The solar panels are still not fixed and nobody has contacted us. Their management is the worst I've ever seen in my entire life they should all be fired. I don't know why that owner keeps any of them employed They don't respond to customers they only want your business but once they have you, they don't care to come and fix anything. Not one Manager has ever spoken to me about fixing the loose panels.

  • Steve N.

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    Posted on: Saturday , 24 Sep 2022
    Bought a house with solar already installed by Solcius. The solar edge inverter died on me. It was still under warranty, about 6 years old. They came out, inspected it, and confirmed it needed to be replaced. The following week they put in a better inverter. I didn't spend a dime for the help.

  • Courtney D.

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    Posted on: Friday , 04 Mar 2022
    I am updating my review because my discrepancies were with My Smart House a third party vendor whom Solcius works with. After speaking with Ashley I am satisfied with her amazing customer and reconciliation of the issues. I would recommended Solcius just not through My Smart House.

  • Christine G.

    Posted on: Monday , 31 Jan 2022
    Really bad from day 1! The representative was from My Smart House which apparently is a separate entity. We were promised a complete re-roof with a 30 year warranty as part of the solar project. We are selling our home now and we have found out the hard way that the roof was NOT completely done, it was not done as a licensed professional would have done it, and we don't actually have a 30 year warranty!! They made promises from day 1 that they have not kept. Horrible customer service.

  • Bryson W.

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    Posted on: Sunday , 21 Nov 2021
    Going solar was a long process of going back and forth with different companies, comparing bids, competing salesman, etc. It truly became a very time consuming task, until we came across Solcius. From the initial consultation all the way up until the actual install, everything was handled promptly and with very effective communication. There was no back and forth, no underhanded salesman, etc. they made the process incredibly simple and gave us exactly what we wanted. If anyone is looking to go solar, do not make any decisions without giving Solcius a shot. 10/10 would

  • Nancy M.

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    Posted on: Monday , 16 Aug 2021
    My service so far has been amazing. From the very beginning they took the time to explain everything about the process. Costing, and have kept me abreast of any changes and keeping on our time line The panels are up so now just waiting for my final inspection. Looking forward to the completion and saving money.. thanks everyone so far for making this a smooth process

  • Ruth W.

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    Posted on: Saturday , 14 Aug 2021
    STOP! I got solar thinking it would save me money. I got The smart house and boy was I dumb. I owe more money every month now. The even convinced me to add 10 more panels and I owe SCE every month still. A single story home. 3 people and a small spa. 28 panels and $$$$$in dept and I still owe SCE. CS....its been 5 months and no resolution!! No response from CS and they even are scratching their heads. Help anyone??

  • Michelle F.

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    Posted on: Saturday , 16 Nov 2019
    I signed up with Solcius in Oct and have had nothing but the best experience with Raymond Polanco. I have met with others over the year and it never really made sense to me to go Solar. But Ray made things easy for me even with an HOA he was on top of everything and answers my questions and worked on to getting solar within 45 Days.

  • Sean Y.

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    Posted on: Thursday , 13 Dec 2018
    A great company with great service. Ernest has worked with me throughout the whole process. He has answered all my questions and has helped me throughout the whole process.

  • Dayna R.

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    Posted on: Thursday , 01 Nov 2018
    We have gone back and forth about solar for quite some time. Always avoiding the dreaded sharks at Home Depot and never opening the door for them at our doorstep. We finally pulled the trigger and so far, everything has gone to plan. They've stuck to their timeline and communicated effectively. I hope this professionalism continues as we move to being 'active'.

  • Amanda C.

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    Posted on: Friday , 26 Oct 2018
    I just had solar panels installed. I am very happy with my panels. The company is friendly, honest and had great communication. I am looking forward to not having to pay electric bills and helping out the environment.

  • Stephen A.

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    Posted on: Tuesday , 02 Oct 2018
    Super happy with the work solicius did with our solar. Installers were very thorough and communicated with us throughout the way. Customer service phone reps have been terrific and very responsive. Would recommend Solcius to anyone!

  • Phil N.

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    Posted on: Wednesday , 19 Sep 2018
    Couldn't be more satisfied with Solcius' services! From the very beginning, they were there to walk me through the process! Every time I picked up the phone, there was someone on the other line to receive my call! Answered every single one of my questions and representatives were polite and courteous. I'm so glad I went with Solcius for my solar needs! Thank you!!

  • Goran D.

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    Posted on: Friday , 17 Aug 2018
    I got Solcius thru My Smart House, from day one when we originally talked to the day of installation, all was as we agreed on and discussed over time. I worked with Erica from My Smart House. Love the fact that these are American made panels love the fact that My Smart house is Veterans owned company and love that fact that everything we agreed on they kept it right on spot.

  • Kenneth S.

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    Posted on: Friday , 02 Mar 2018
    The boys from solcius did a great job on my house. Fast and efficient and I even have a bad knee when they came, my garbage was blowing all over and all the boys went out there and cleaned up the garbage and put it in my garage. Love the system looks beautiful on the house. They even did a little extra to make sure that I didn't see any cables or wires or nothing everything's hidden the crew was awesome. I would recommend these solar panels and this company to anybody! Thank you solcius!

  • Bessie B.

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    Posted on: Tuesday , 30 Jan 2018
    I would like to commend Solcius on their thorough and transparent interaction with our family. Our experience was positive from beginning to end, from their sales representative to their customer service. There was always someone we could speak to to have our questions or concerns addressed. Encountering some hurdles for installation our representative provided options, offered assistance with permits and were very understanding of our situation. It's nice to feel a company working with you as an individual not just a number. Thank you for your excellent service.

  • Trenton H.

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    Posted on: Wednesday , 27 Dec 2017
    We had Solcius install 25 panels on our home in Jan 2017. The sales guy was great, the install was great, and the panels have performed better than expected. After the install I needed help with the state (Utah) tax rebate form and they were great about answering multiple questions, and providing a schematic that meets the state's requirements. I couldn't be happier.

  • Corene C.

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    Posted on: Thursday , 30 Nov 2017
    My experience with this company was positive. They communicated with me all the way by email and by phone. The only thing I didn't like was that I didn't have just one person I was dealing with. Every time I spoke with someone it was someone different person. But everyone I spoke with was professional and knowledgeable. I thought the sales rep. Tami Brown did an excellent job in explaining the process.

  • Fred N.

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    Posted on: Friday , 22 Apr 2016
    All who had a hand in implementing my solar system were both professional and personable from the Sales-rep to the survey to install to turning the system on were great. Also, the persons in customer service answered all (well most) of my questions and helped me understand just what was going on. AND I must say that the process was both quick and efficient.

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