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  • Angel H.

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    Posted on: Thursday , 09 Feb 2023
    I am so glad I came in to see Hugh, Thai, and Tommy they were able to assist and accommodate everything for my solar project. Thank you so much for the fast service and helping me save lots of money!

  • Frank P.

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    Posted on: Tuesday , 07 Feb 2023
    Congrats to a super job well done with an exceptional customer service. Andy, Bình are among the helpful & professional staffs who get things done very effectively. Special thanks to Linh Truong who is not only courteous & professional in helping with the administrative tasks but also very calm & patient to resolve any missteps and or misunderstandings

  • Phi N.

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    Posted on: Sunday , 13 Nov 2022
    Was referred by a family member. From quotes, inspections, paperwork, everything was very easy and simple. Billing is shows how much energy you are using and we save about 30-40% off our electricity bill every month. Inspection and installation was smooth and easy. no complaints so far at all. No issues and we've had the panels for a few months now. Will recommend to friends and family

  • Stazie L.

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    Posted on: Friday , 07 Oct 2022
    I was first introduced to Southwest Sun Solar by my mom and was reluctant to give them a call but now 4years+ later, I've been referring them to my friends and family. Thai Nguyen is my rep. He's fast, responsive, professional and keeps me in the loop every step of the install and approval process. His team is super professional and helpful to answer any questions I may have. We have a 2nd home and definitely will be using them for our solar installs as well. Thanks, Thai for making my life easier!!

  • Vivian L.

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    Posted on: Monday , 12 Sep 2022
    Have been 2 years using this service company it was great cam back 2 weeks ago get ordered 10 mores pieces coz my house using too much power and wanted to say thank you to them coz it saved a lot of moneys every month by using it. I recommend if you house need a lot of power. It worth it

  • Amy H.

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    Posted on: Thursday , 08 Sep 2022
    Heard about SouthWest Sun Solar on the radio and decided to give them a call since we were comparing quotes with other companies. We needed solar for our main build along with our new ADU. Compared with the other companies, SWSS had great rates, professional service, responsive, and very friendly.

  • Peter N.

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    Posted on: Tuesday , 30 Aug 2022
    I was introduced to Southwest Sun Solar, Inc a couple years back, but I never went through with them because I just didn't understand how Solar Power Purchase Plan truly works. Fast forward till now, I wanted to get solar panels on my properties without having to put out any money out of my pocket and decided to try Southwest Sun Solar again. Thai is the representative that helped me! Thai was super knowledgeable and very fast and efficient! His team is extremely experienced with the permit process and installation process. They are super good at what they do!

  • minh b.

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    Posted on: Tuesday , 30 Aug 2022
    I have my system installed by Southwest Sun Solar it was great to know the staff here they're very friendly. They explained everything from A-Z and finally my decision it go with Southwestern Solar. Highly recommend to anybody think about solar system you need to come and talk to Southwest Sun Solar to get a better deal.

  • Hang N.

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    Posted on: Tuesday , 19 Oct 2021
    I love working with this guy because they have different sales that speak different languages so my mom can understand. We had Thao help us and now I feel like I can go consult solar. Seriously!!! They hooked us up with a very amazing program which we don't have to pay for system but still decreased my bill from $180-$230 to $93. Yahhhhhhhhhhh! We don't have to reduce power usage no more.

  • John I.

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    Posted on: Wednesday , 26 Aug 2020
    Southwest Sun Solar has been wonderful. This will be my second house that I will have solar installed on. My previous was sold and the transfer process was seamless. My sales agent/representative that helped me through the entire process (both times) is Kay Heap. Very responsive and took very good care of me. Helped to move the process along so that we could get the panels installed and activated as soon as possible. Most sales reps will sell you the product and ghost you because they already made the sale. Kay responds to every single question, even after a year. The support staff is also very responsive and took care of all my questions. I highly recommend Kay and Southwest Sun Solar for all your solar needs.

  • Lynn T.

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    Posted on: Saturday , 27 Apr 2019
    I like the service of this company and every worker is nice and friendly. Not to mention all of the employees are helpful and kind.

  • Megan V.

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    Posted on: Friday , 26 Apr 2019
    great service. amazing employees. if you are in need of solar installations then you found the right place.

  • Gemma C.

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    Posted on: Wednesday , 03 Apr 2019
    I left a bad review on Southwest Solar but I found out it was not the companies fault. It was the city of Palmdales fault. They do not give a time to be here . They came and everything went well. My solar passed inspection THANK YOU SOUTHWEST SOLAR

  • Chelsey Sean A.

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    Posted on: Saturday , 23 Mar 2019
    We called Southwest Sun Solar for an estimate for home improvements. They put us in contact with their general manager Phillip; who was very professional, punctual and knowledgeable. Phillip gave us ideas for our kitchen that we didn't think of. They designed the layout and provided us with a 3d image so that we could see what it would look like. We just completed a kitchen remodel in our home. Phillip's construction crew from Southwest Sun Solar did a great job. Our kitchen came out amazing, they were really professional and pay a lot of attention to details. When the work was completed it surpassed our expectations. We are really pleased with their work and we will remodel our master bathroom with them next year using our next tax refunds

  • Lynne B.

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    Posted on: Thursday , 07 Mar 2019
    I was in search for a solar company with home improvement services because my roof was leaking during this heavy rain season. I looked at all the major online companies, some who specialize in solar & some who outsource roofing companies, but never found the right combination of price & services.

  • Kelsey V.

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    Posted on: Thursday , 21 Feb 2019
    I want to thank General Sales Manager Phillip and the entire team at SouthWest Sun Solar's Home Improvement for fixing my leaking roof. Such a great job they did on our roof replacement! Not a leak or problem has occured since you finished the work. I know that Phillip and the work crew all made several visits to check things out, water test, cover with plastics, etc., in the course of evaluating the situation. I appreciate your willingness to spend this time and effort to take care of our leak promptly. We couldn't be more happy and we will gladly recommend their products and services to everyone that we know.

  • Carine C

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    Posted on: Thursday , 24 Jan 2019
    The company owner are very helpful and give response quickly , great service. However, the solar contract ( with another company Sunnova ) provide conflicting promised by South West Solar. If anyway goes wrong after consumer signed a contract, it left consumer unprotected if there is extra fees involved installing new metering and panel upgrade to 200 amp. Typically, noting will goes wrong way, but the contract really put consumer in a awkward position.

  • Trinity W.

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    Posted on: Friday , 15 Jun 2018
    My friend refer me to South West sun solar to install the solar system for my parent's house. The staffs at South West are very knowledgeable about the products & codes. The processing time were quick than I expected it. So far, the solar system is working just fine. We love it and we are glad to choose the right solar company. You will get more referral from us. Thank you again!

  • Mark M.

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    Posted on: Wednesday , 19 Apr 2017
    It was a pleasure to work with SouthWest Sun Solar. Andy (the manager) was able to get me approved for my solar panels after two other solar panel companies fail to deliver. The process was so easy and quick. They are very friendly and professional. Their crew is highly trained and they known what they are doing every step of the way. After the first and only meeting, i got my solar panels installed in less than a month. If you want fast results in the most efficient way possible than i recommend Southwest Sun Solar.

  • Erik T.

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    Posted on: Thursday , 02 Jul 2015
    We have been looking and talking to few Solar companies since moving into this home last year. However, we were reluctant to make decision to choose one due to bad experiences in the past with several unprofessional contractors. Then a friend of ours told us about South West Sun Solar Inc. that he just had the Solar system installed. We have heard about South West Sun Solar Inc. on the radio but again we are not sure if this is the right one.

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