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  • Moon I.

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    Posted on: Wednesday , 01 Feb 2023
    Engineering department reached out to me about the official site plan for my approval (took exactly one week after came to check my roof). Everything looked good so I approved. They said they will submit the plan to city to get an approval. According to my city, issuing permit will only take TWO days so I will wait and see if I will get the permit in that time frame. So far so good again.

  • T A.

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    Posted on: Monday , 30 Jan 2023
    I am dealing with this company for over three years on and off with different projects they always kept their word and never let me down so I thought i should share this here I am not a yelper but it is not fair for the director of the company to take a blame day to date problems they actually care for their customers and their work Brandon, Calvin and Dennis are the best if you have any issue contact them and they will take care of it right away

  • Jose L.

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    Posted on: Monday , 23 Jan 2023
    My wife and I spent some time looking for the perfect solar energy company. I was referred to Sherry from Sun Energy. Her presentation was very detailed and made it easy for us to understand how having solar panels is beneficial. The installation process was great. Crew was profesional and fast. Highly recommend to anyone looking into solar panels.

  • Shiner B.

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    Posted on: Saturday , 10 Dec 2022
    I'm not a yelp user, but they asked us to leave a review and we've had no complaints so we thought we may as well. Upon seeing their page and their mixed bag of reviews I thought I'd share our positive experience. We signed our contract with them in June. Sherry F. talked us through the whole process and just as she described it, it happened. They came and installed the panels about 2 weeks after signing and were fully installed in another 2 weeks. By the end of July we were producing our own energy. Even during the heat of the summer we barely paid any money on our electric bill and have since been producing more energy than they promised.

  • Sergio O.

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    Posted on: Wednesday , 04 May 2022
    Sun Energy is solid solar company. Mike was there to answer any questions I had. The process took nearly 4 months and we our happy with the product. Sun Energy was extremely fair with the prices when compared to other companies/ quotes we received. Overall, I would definitely recommend this solar company. Give them a shot to earn your business.

  • Iosua M.

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    Posted on: Sunday , 01 May 2022
    Me and my wife wanted solar so we went to Yelp and saw Sun Energy. Look no further! These guys are legit!! Once we contacted Sun Energy, we dealt with Sherry Farrell for most of the process. Sherry contacted us and came to our home to discuss the solar process and was able to give us an on site quote. Once we agreed on the amount, we was contacted by a project manager Dawn Kennedy. She was the one who would be updating us on the progress of our solar install. Within 3 weeks of signing the contract, we had all 22 solar panels installed on our roof. The install went smoothly. Besides them leaving some leftover stripped wire on my grass and backyard, it was that big of a deal. They even paint matched the conduit to match the roof and even the conduit near the converter/electrical panel. What took the longest was to get the sticker for the electrical panel which shows where the solar panels are on my roof. I guess it's required before requesting the inspection from the city. After we got the stickers, we were able to request for the city to come out to inspect. Inspection was quick. Now we move on to get the approval from Edison. This process took a while so you got to be patient. Our overall experience with Sun Energy was great. Thanks the Sherry and Dawn for making this process painless.

  • Amanda H.

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    Posted on: Tuesday , 08 Mar 2022
    You don't need to go any further. Hire these guys to do your solar. I took three estimates all from local people. I was a tough sell. Skeptical from the start because my first thought was people are always working an angle and I absolutely HATE salesmen. I also am strongly against strangers in my house.

  • Hilda V.

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    Posted on: Monday , 07 Mar 2022
    We moved from El Monte to San Bernardino and the monthly electric bill was way more than what we were prepared for. My father in law had solar panels installed by this company and referred them to us. We quickly got a quote, accepted and began the process. If you're like me and need AC in the summer this will be the best investment you could make.

  • Kasey A.

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    Posted on: Wednesday , 01 Dec 2021
    My husband was super skeptical about getting solar. Our representative was Sherry F. She was amazing and so patient!! She walked us through everything from the quote to up and running. It also was super quick!! The team and Sun Energy Construction meet all my recordings and more! Thank you Sherry for a smooth install and for putting up with my husband doubts.

  • Greg C; Vista, CA

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    Posted on: Sunday , 21 Nov 2021
    I hired sun energy to help me get an existing system back up and running after the company that originally installed it went out of business. They were able to get my system fixed and upgraded my house with additional panels to accommodate a new pool I just put in over the summer. My house is now completely energy independent and we are no longer getting electric bills even during the summer months when we use a lot more electricity. The whole process took less than two months to get done.

  • Diana R.

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    Posted on: Tuesday , 26 Oct 2021
    Giving this Company & my experience with them 5 stars. The installation was a few days which is fast, they came when they said they would & Sherry who was our Sales Consultant was amazing. Checking on us & on our system making sure everything is set & running as it should. If you're thinking of going Solar I highly recommend you do & this Company & my experience with Sherry is definitely something I value in a Company . Very professional. Sherry came & walked us through everything left us with no doubts & all questions answered. My Husband & I are so happy we made the switch to Solar especially being in the high desert , that is something you really need up here.

  • Lorretta K.

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    Posted on: Thursday , 21 Oct 2021
    This company is professional and their prices we the best we found. (And we researched.) When we called for a quote I said I did not want a sales pitch as we had already done our homework.We were impressed with the price, and warranty. Also, Materials are manufactured in the US and that was important to us. The install was done In 2 days. We are very happy and would recommend Sun Energy to our family and friends.

  • Christopher S.

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    Posted on: Monday , 27 Sep 2021
    Since writing the previous review, Mike has been in touch with me. I really want to give them a chance to redeem themselves and rebuild our trust. I want to thank Mike for being so understanding about this. It is a tough position to be in for both customer & company when there's dissatisfaction on either side. A solar install is more or less a lifetime commitment for your home, and should come with a similar commitment from the company installing it.

  • Kirollos G.

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    Posted on: Tuesday , 16 Jun 2020
    From start to finish, this company is an absolute 5 star business. Personally, I dealt with Dennis on the sale of my 20 panel system. Without giving the details of my bid/proposal, I can confidently say I got an exceptionally good deal! I compared 4 companies and 3 different ways of having solar (purchase, PPA and leasing) and Sun Energy was by far the best way to go.

  • Valentina C.

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    Posted on: Tuesday , 30 Nov -0001
    We decided to go solar this year and this is by far the best company, they work fast and are very efficient, it's honestly a win win, you save money and help the planet, Sherry Farrell is the sweetest, she helped us go to this process, sat down with us and answered all of our questions, we are so happy with our decision

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