McDonald's Goes Solar: The Prairie Ronde Solar Project

McDonald's Goes Solar: The Prairie Ronde Solar Project

McDonald's, one of the world's most well-known fast-food chains, has made a bold move towards sustainability with the announcement of its newest solar project in Louisiana. This new project, the Prairie Ronde Solar Project, will be built, owned, and operated by lightsource bp. McDonald's has purchased all of the energy generated by the project, demonstrating its commitment to using more renewable energy sources. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at this new project and its impact on McDonald's sustainability goals.

The Prairie Ronde Solar Project is a 58 MW solar farm that is expected to offset 30,000 metric tons of carbon emissions every year. The project is being financed, built, and operated by Lightsource bp, a leader in solar energy solutions. The project marks an important milestone for McDonald's as it continues to transition towards more renewable forms of energy.

The construction of the Prairie Ronde Solar Project is expected to start in early 2022, with commercial operation expected to begin in early 2023. The project will cover an area of approximately 286 hectares and will utilize 140,000 solar panels to generate renewable energy. The project has been designed to have a minimal environmental impact and will not impact any wetlands or other sensitive areas in the region.

The Prairie Ronde Solar Project represents a significant private investment in renewable energy, with the total cost of the project estimated at $60 million. McDonald's purchase of all the energy generated by the project will not only help the fast-food giant achieve its ambitious sustainability goals but also demonstrate its commitment to a more sustainable future.

The Prairie Ronde Solar Project will produce energy equivalent to that needed to power 630 McDonald's restaurants annually. This will have a profound impact on McDonald's Systemwide Sustainability Goals, which includes initiatives such as sourcing 100% of coffee, palm oil, and fish from sustainable sources. McDonald's is committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 36% by 2030, and the Prairie Ronde Solar Project will be a significant contributor towards achieving this goal.


The Prairie Ronde Solar Project is a major step forward for McDonald's in its commitment to sustainability. The project will produce renewable energy equivalent to powering 630 McDonald's restaurants annually, and it will help McDonald's achieve its ambitious sustainability goals. The private investment in renewable energy will demonstrate McDonald's dedication to a more sustainable future, and we hope that other companies will follow their example. As sustainability continues to be the focus of global initiatives, McDonald's commitment to renewable energy through the Prairie Ronde Solar Project is admirable, and we are excited to see the impact it will have on our planet.