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Utility bills are a significant expense for homeowners. The rising electric rates, taxes, and inflation have resulted in higher bills, which can be a burden on any household budget. However, there's an advantageous solution that cuts down your electricity costs and at the same time helps the environment. Through this blog post, we'll discuss the importance of taking control of utility costs through going solar, the benefits of choosing Peak Power, and why this is a smart choice for every homeowner.

Going solar isn't only about the environment; it's also an excellent way to save money. Solar panels generate electricity from the sun, which means that the energy source is free once you've installed the panels. Solar systems work by storing excess energy in batteries, which you can use when the sun isn't shining. This means that you're tapping into free energy, and you're reducing your reliance on paid energy providers. Environmental Benefits: One of the primary reasons to invest in solar panels is to help the environment. Traditional energy sources use fossil fuels, which emit carbon dioxide, methane, and other greenhouse gases, contributing to climate change. Going solar significantly decreases your carbon footprint, thereby reducing the adverse impacts of fossil fuels on the environment. With every solar panel installation, more homes switch to clean and renewable energy, which leads to a greener future. In addition to saving money and helping the environment, solar panel installations increase a home's value. Solar power systems significantly increase a home's value by adding to its overall appeal. Solar power systems also help to reduce utility costs, and this means that homebuyers can save money in the long run. Different studies have shown that homes with solar panels sell faster and at higher prices. By investing in solar panels, homeowners can increase the value of their property while enjoying the benefits of solar power.


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Reviews: 5.0 Stares Based on 30 reviews

  • Val A.

    Peak Power did an outstanding job installing our solar panels. The crew was always on time, the installation went as expected, and there were no hidden surprises. A big plus about Peak Power is that their team is knowledgeable about all phases of solar installation including electrical, permitting, finance, and design. I highly recommend them for your solar needs.

    Thursday , 29 Mar 2018 icon icon icon icon icon

  • Brian P.

    One of the best contractors that I have dealt with. Peak did everything they said they would do. They communicate well. The best part is no high pressure sales like other solar companies. One of the best investments I have made. I would recommend this company to anyone I know.

    Friday , 06 Apr 2018 icon icon icon icon icon

  • Cameron S.

    I asked Jason to reach out to my parents who had already scheduled solar panel installations in the coming months as a review and possible second option. I am glad I did! Not only did Jason take the time to explain their current purchase but after hearing of their current bill, he advised not to purchase solar panels period. In the long run there was no real need to have any panels installed. Jason works with a high level of integrity, always giving his honest opinion. My parents were very happy they had a second opinion and appreciate everything Jason did for them.

    Friday , 09 Jan 2015 icon icon icon icon icon

  • Michelle W.

    We hired Jason and Peak Power, he showed us the different options ...renting the panels vs. owning the panels...we decided to own our panels...he worked with our roofing company, a totally new roof, new venting system, state of the art solar panels, the process was 6 weeks total , from signing the paper, to SDGE here to inspect and turn on!!

    Thursday , 08 Jan 2015 icon icon icon icon icon

  • Christina D.

    Excellent company! Very professional and knowledgeable. We got 3 bids before making a decision and the decision was an easy one. After meeting with Matt we felt very informed and confident about our decision.

    Tuesday , 16 Jan 2018 icon icon icon icon icon

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