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Solar energy has become increasingly popular over the years as people recognize the importance of renewable energy sources. Sunergy is a leading provider of solar technology solutions that are designed to help households transition to cleaner, more sustainable energy options. In this blog post, we will show you why Sunergy is the best choice for your solar energy needs. We'll discuss our quality, reliability, and affordability, as well as share some testimonials from our satisfied customers. Read on to discover the benefits of solar energy and how Sunergy can help you harness its power.

Why Choose Sunergy? Quality and Reliability: We provide top-tier solar equipment of the highest quality to ensure lasting performance. Our high-performance solar panels and advanced technology guarantee maximum efficiency and optimal energy production. You can rest assured knowing your investment in solar panels will supply your home with clean energy for many years to come.

Aesthetically Pleasing: Our solar solutions are not only highly functional but are also stylish and modern. We understand that appearance is important, which is why we offer customized designs to match your home's unique style. We provide sleek and attractive solutions that add value and beauty to your property.



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Reviews: 4.8 Stares Based on 15 reviews

  • Christopher S.

    Since writing the previous review, Mike has been in touch with me. I really want to give them a chance to redeem themselves and rebuild our trust. I want to thank Mike for being so understanding about this. It is a tough position to be in for both customer & company when there's dissatisfaction on either side. A solar install is more or less a lifetime commitment for your home, and should come with a similar commitment from the company installing it.

    Monday , 27 Sep 2021 icon icon icon

  • Lorretta K.

    This company is professional and their prices we the best we found. (And we researched.) When we called for a quote I said I did not want a sales pitch as we had already done our homework.We were impressed with the price, and warranty. Also, Materials are manufactured in the US and that was important to us. The install was done In 2 days. We are very happy and would recommend Sun Energy to our family and friends.

    Thursday , 21 Oct 2021 icon icon icon icon

  • Greg C; Vista, CA

    I hired sun energy to help me get an existing system back up and running after the company that originally installed it went out of business. They were able to get my system fixed and upgraded my house with additional panels to accommodate a new pool I just put in over the summer. My house is now completely energy independent and we are no longer getting electric bills even during the summer months when we use a lot more electricity. The whole process took less than two months to get done.

    Sunday , 21 Nov 2021 icon icon icon icon icon

  • Kirollos G.

    From start to finish, this company is an absolute 5 star business. Personally, I dealt with Dennis on the sale of my 20 panel system. Without giving the details of my bid/proposal, I can confidently say I got an exceptionally good deal! I compared 4 companies and 3 different ways of having solar (purchase, PPA and leasing) and Sun Energy was by far the best way to go.

    Tuesday , 16 Jun 2020 icon icon icon icon icon

  • Hilda V.

    We moved from El Monte to San Bernardino and the monthly electric bill was way more than what we were prepared for. My father in law had solar panels installed by this company and referred them to us. We quickly got a quote, accepted and began the process. If you're like me and need AC in the summer this will be the best investment you could make.

    Monday , 07 Mar 2022 icon icon icon icon icon

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